My fear of robots, er... tools, pt 1

This topic is a tough one for me. I have found that freedom from tools is one more thing that liberates a team to look at how they work differently. It empowers them to make decisions that were not as apparent with or would have been constrained by their tools. Being able to look at a card wall or Scrum board for example, provides simultaneous information to a group that a view of a monitor screen shown to a group limited by physical space. 

I also recognize the value of an enterprise solution that gives visibility across a company's suite of applications and teams. I love the thought of a CIO wanting to know if a pet project is ahead or behind and being able to see status and risk by looking at a release level Burn Up or a Sprint Burn Down. I have the fear of a CIO/VP/Director/Manager looking at one team/product and expecting another to "do more points" because of the delta in story points. I have the fear of a CIO/VP/Director/Manager who may implement wide sweeping policy based on looking at a chart. I have the fear of a CIO/VP/Director/Manager who prefers at software over having a conversation with their team(s).

to be continued...