It is tomorrow

Today was the second day of Scrum Gathering 2013 Vegas. I was most impacted by the presentations called Stop Gambling, Embrace Your Agile SuperpowersLarge-scale Agile Program and Portfolio Management Using Scrum. The superpowers event was influenced strongly by Michael Spayd and Lyssa Adkins work on the Coaching Agile Teams class. It was very powerful and had true emotional investment from the participants. I would love to see that happen again. The program and portfolio management session was a clean and simple take on the SAFe framework. The simplicity  in delivering the content deserved an award. I would love to see that presentation delivered elsewhere. 

I had the chance to visit Gordon Ramsay's Pub and Grille. I loved the burger there. I also was able to spend some time at the House of Blues in the Mandalay Bay casino. That was really fun. There was swing dancing tonight.

I can't wait until next year! I'm taking my scrum bag and going home.