What should have Story Points?

A fellow ScrumMaster posted the following question on a board on a popular career related site.

I had a discussion with my interviewer about if there is some technical related work( indirectly related to the story in sprint) should have a story point value or not! My thought is 'anything done in sprint should have a story point value.' Any thoughts?

I still believe the purpose of story points is to represent the Product Backlog. The items in the Product Backlog represent increments of Business Value to our customers. I believe that the points are a forecasting tool for the Scrum Team to use historical performance to estimate future expectations. If that is the case, and I am a Product Owner; wanting to give expectations to my customer, stakeholders, and organization, I will want to see decreases in velocity from Sprints were we worked on things other than Business Value that our customer approves of and requests from us.

I do not suggest Story Points for anything except for stories. If you track hours at the task level, then I suggest putting hours towards tasks unassociated with the Sprint goal "on the board" for these types of items. If you do not then you will deliver less of the Product Backlog in that Sprint.