Inspired to create

I have always wanted to do development, but I am soo not a detail person. Every few years I learn the basics of a language and realize that making the mega game that I have in my head is very far away. I then tend to find myself attracted to something else that take my time, attention, and energy.

I have been inspired recently by my son discovering Scratch. A programming language from some brains and MIT specifically targeted towards younger developers. My 8 year old created a fully functional game that is published. Amazing... He did this after attending a workshop hosted by a 12 year old girl. It was a 4 hour workshop and my son stayed attentive the entire time. Again Amazing!

I am now hearing the siren call of trying again to delve into the world that allows me to create my ideas. This week as WWDC Apple announced Swift, its latest programming language. It claims simplicity and speed. They had me at Hello World. I plan on giving it a shot. I got the iOS and Mac developer kits. I am hoping there is enough training between videos on the site, the free PDF, and online learning to support me.

I am pretty sure that there is no local user group yet. I may have to start one if not. What I can do is gather people, inspire, and help them move in a direction. I am hoping to find that the skills and talents I have in strength will help me with the ones that I need to improve. I can also see this helping me in acting as an Agile Coach. I will get that one step closer to some of the people I work with.