Leading Change is Different Today

I found this on the Twitter. Thank you Jason Little!


I wanted to show my execs another executive board. I read the article though, and saw some differences that Jason Little had with "Leading Change" by John Kotter. While I still believe that leading change is powerful. I do want to consider "How has our world changed in 20 years that makes us look at change differently?".

For us, I really think 4DX stuff (http://the4disciplinesofexecution.com) is the right framework. I still struggle with losing the vision at scale.

On top of this, creating the sense of urgency is actually the hard part to me. If it is a moving target that changes bi-monthly, how seriously will your organization take it? If it is uninspiring, the same problem.

I really only wanted to pull out the image and what it was getting across. I walked away with another organizational challenge. Thanks Jason Little... :-/

Below: A change initiatives executive information radiator

  • major obstacles for the change
  • stories and quotes from people affected by the change
  • trending ‘health’ stats from teams across the organization (team happiness, stakeholder happiness, team quality, how well the teams feel their being supported by the organization)
  • what objectives are being worked on in the current month